Motorcycle Ape Hangers Comfortable

How do you think about the answers? This road 6 customs ape hanger is crafted in the usa making the quality unmatched.

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Maybe you want to replace the drag bars that came with your bike with mini ape hangers.

Motorcycle ape hangers comfortable. If you prefer style and uniqueness to comfort, then take a look at ape hangers. The handlebar height i use to get my hands there could vary quite a bit, depending on the bike. Handlebars provide a mounting place for controls such as brake, throttle, clutch, horn, light switches and rear view mirrors;

Moderate height apes are very comfortable. I've always thought ape hangers were style over substance. I don't want a reach for the sky type bar.

Ape hangers, commonly called “apes,” are one of the most common varieties of handlebar replacements found on a harley davidson. Some of us need wide grip, 18 inch bars to be comfortable. There is a mini version of ape hangers which is called buckhorn handlebars.

And they help to support part of the rider's weight.even when a handlebar is a single piece it is usually referred to in the plural as handlebars. Ape hangers are used extensively by modifiers across the world to lend their cruiser motorcycles or choppers tons of character. The keyword here is moderation.

You will love this fantastic hanger as it is wide enough to allow you to make u turns without struggling comfortably. Ape hangers certainly aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and they take some practice to handle effectively. That is, if one of your dreams is making a cross country motorcycle trip, motorcycle beach bars can definitely help make that ride much more comfortable.

In the circle of guys i ride with, ape hangers = poser. You might be considering ape hangers for their looks or maybe because you want to feel the wind in your face, but before rushing to buy the tallest ape hangers you can find, there are some things you need to know. Ape hangers (or just apes) have been around since that first chopper freak took a cutting torch and welder to his motorcycle.

It is a very easy adjustment to rotate the handlebars by loosening the handlebar clamps. That was my own personal experience. You can sign in to vote the answer.

They do nothing for handling, and can, in fact, adversely affect handling. A motorcycle handlebar is a tubular component of a motorcycle's steering mechanism. A motorcycle with a sprung rear suspension generally seats the rider much higher, so relatively speaking, taller ape hangers are needed to get the same position.

Both are designed to give a certain look to the bike to the detriment of the rider. Cow horn bars are equally impractical. Ape hangers ape hangers get their name from the way the rider literally hangs on the bars while riding.

I am looking to change out my stock cross country bars, to ape hanger. Any input is greatly appreciated! Go down to your motorcycle shop and sit on some motorcycles which is similar to yours.

I am 6' with a regular shirt size. Fact, not all men are created equal when it comes to height, arm length, chest size, etc. The shorter version of ape hangers is known as the mini apes or baby apes.

Ape hangers are oriented solely towards styling and don’t pay much attention to factors like comfort, ergonomics or control. This brings me to option number 2, a properly fitted pair of ape hangers. They look very uncomfortable to me and they they also look like it would make it harder to control the bike.

Perfectly comfortable, you still have a perfectly fine field of vision and it's not awkward at all. Hells angels brought on the ape hanger bars back in the sixties.any highth more than18 inches above the seat was illegal and probably still is.the reason is that it is to dangerous to control the bike at taller highths.they really have a cool look to them though.sonny barger (hells angel) and peter fonda were friends.i see they are really popular again. I want a comfortable mid size bar.

Depends on what you mean by comfortable if your hands are above your shoulders you re going to have reduced blood. See more ideas about handlebar, motorcycle, ape hangers. This is a newbie asking questions so dont have me hunted down and killed but i dont get ape hangers.

Some people just like to hang low. Handlebars can be as short as 8 inches or as tall as 20 inches, but comfort should be your number one priority. If you are comfortable turning the handlebars, maybe they are too close to you.

So, whatever your taste or style preferences are, here you’re going to find the right bar for your bike. Ape hangers are nothing more than a fad, designed to make the rider look bad or cool depending on the rider's mindset. To each his own, but in my opinion ape hangers look ridiculous, and anybody who rides over 100 miles with them, and says they're comfortable is lying.

They make the handling awkward and they create a sail effect whic. As for my aprilia mana 850 gt which i also own today it’s not the most comfortable bike to ride long distance on but it is a great fun bike to ride around the city on mostly due to the 7 speed automatic gearbox makes it a lot quicker off the line than any normal motorcycle on the market and it makes lane filtering a lot easier than my goldwing I am looking for suggestions as to quality built bars.

I would also like to use the stock cables, if that's possible?

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