Oui Yogurt Jar Craft Ideas

I added citronella oil in to the melted wax. And eating it from a jar feels so fancy.

Oui Yogurt Jar Crafts You Need To Make Now Jar crafts

Here are just a few:

Oui yogurt jar craft ideas. You can buy new glass yogurt jars for this project, but i love recycling the yoplait oui jars for this glass yogurt jar craft. I came up with this diy oui yogurt jar project idea, and will be giving them as teacher gifts this year. Sending an angel blessing your way.

I recommend using goo gone to dissolve the adhesive on the labels. Let us know if it’s any good! Now let's get going with more ideas using yoplait's oui jars.

And this, my fellow crafters, opens up a whole craft bin of possibilities. Pull the wick from the bottom through the hole leaving a little of the wick at the top. This month’s theme was the holidays.i decided to make these quick and easy oui yogurt jar simple christmas craft using some saved up oui yogurt jars and other supplies i had on hand.

10 clever ideas to organize the kitchen. Second, it comes in these cute little glass jars, which of course, i end up saving. Other ways to reuse oui jars.

Let me be honest with you. Those little jars make the best home decor and this list of oui yogurt jar ideas will keep you busy crafting for days! Oui yogurt jars oil lamp the wick.

They are small but hold a ton. But… i soon discovered that this french style yogurt is seriously divine. I had no idea how delicious it would be.

It is the end of the school year for us, and even though we have been homeschooling with the rest of the country these last few months, i still plan to get my kid’s teachers a gift. In craft, diy, home decor, paint. Oui by yoplait glass pots are perfect for diy, crafting and styled organization.

Keep scrolling for ideas for oui yogurt jar christmas crafts, fall crafts, spring crafts, summertime crafts, as well as oui yogurt jar wedding crafts. Oui yogurt jar craft ideas. Coming up, i have two more oui yogurt jar ideas for valentine’s day!

My stash started piling up, so i figured i needed to use them for some sort of project. Just like storing salt and pepper in the yogurt jars, storing sugar or sweeteners is a good way to repurpose the jars too. This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.

Typically, you would attach the tab to the bottom of the jar, but we want the tab to float on the top of the oil. A few months ago i made diy faux succulents and now i'm here to bring you some adorable colored oui yogurt jars! See more ideas about yogurt, jar crafts, crafts with glass jars.

These little yogurt jars made the cut. When i am done, i put them away inside the cabinet. I can't tell you how excited i was to find these.

This type of drill bit works best with a wet surface, so keep a glass of water close by and pour some water on the jar before drilling. My project this month cost me $0. Yoplait’s” oui ” 5 oz yogurt glass jar.

Take a look at all the craft ideas you can make with oui yogurt jars. I love all of these. Remember last january and my discovery of the french oui yogurt jar?.

Do you ever buy oui yogurts from the grocery store? Start by drilling a hole in the bottom of your yogurt jar with a glass drill bit. Make what you want with them!

Keep reading for ways to use empty oui yogurt jars and my favorite uses for oui jars. First, the little glass yogurt containers come in a few different shapes like the ones below from nestle. I just love the pie in a jar.

See more ideas about crafts with glass jars, jar crafts, jar. I bought these yogurts because i wanted to try making a craft with the jar… i can’t help it. Other ideas require you to fit a lid on the jar, but i have good news on that front!

The yogurt is delicious, the jars are a bonus. It’s time for the $10 on the 10th challenge, where a group of bloggers share ideas that cost less than $10! Looking for more awesome ideas to use these really cute oui yogurt jars?

My daughter and i have been upcycling and crafting with jars and love it! I'm developing a mini obsession with finding new ways to repurpose oui yogurt jars. First off, it is delicious yogurt.

It turns out, a lot of other creatives have been inspired by an empty oui yogurt jar. Artzeechris lm on january 09, 2013: Mbconline on january 27, 2013:

I came up with this diy oui yogurt jar project idea, and will be giving them as teacher gifts this year. These will be perfect spread around the porch during the summer nights. I’ve been eating oui yogurt and saving the cute jars just for this!

What a very pretty lens. Turn oui glass pots into floral arrangements, painted décor and simple gift ideas for bridal parties, baby showers and holidays. Below is a list of 22 simple ideas to reuse your oui jars.

See more ideas about jar crafts, crafts with glass jars, mason jar crafts. Oui yogurt jar ideas how to easily repurpose them. Later at home i discovered that this yogurt is seriously divine.

Thread one of the waxed wicks through the hole in one of the tabs. Let me be honest with you, i bought this yogurt because i was intrigued by its container… i couldn’t help to think about all projects that i can do with it. But regardless of being greek or french, the biggest difference with oui yogurt is the cup it comes in.

Here are a few ideas i've come up with. There are plenty great lids that fit oui jars perfectly that are readily available online! They're like a crafters dream come true!

The hardest part of this project is removing the labels. These glass lids add the perfect amount of old world charm to your oui jar while keeping its contents safely inside. Here they are with their new lids.

Psiloveyou1 on january 26, 2013: Since i am also one who likes to repurpose … continue reading yoplait’s” oui” 5 oz yogurt glass jar repurposed → I say oui (yes) to these french jars.

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